Teeth Whitening Products – Common Ingredients

The common ingredients contained in teeth whitening products are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Most of the teeth bleaching products are to be chemical laded considering the increasing competition that demands faster results. That makes the products face stiff competition, which in turn compels manufacturers to make stronger solution. That actually is a compromise with quality.

There are quite a lot of teeth whitening options available these Glykol grossist days, including trays, whiteners, whitening toothpastes, dental whitening gums etc. All these products are effective in their own ways, while the trays are more effective than other choices. Teeth whitening trays fit in tightly over the teeth in order to accelerate the bleaching process. This is to ensure that the bleaching agent reached your teeth directly and stay there for long. However, it is very important to ensure that the bleaching agent doesn’t reach the gums and soft tissues.

Because these active ingredients contained in bleaching gels are actually designed for removing hardened and deeper stains, they cause serious discomfort and irritation when not in place.

Of all the teeth whitening products that are mentioned, none are very effective in removing stains they can produce mild to moderate results. It is the ingredients and their percentage contained that makes a difference. If you are using a product having 35% peroxide gel, you would get the best results. However, this is only available with the in-office teeth whitening procedures, such as laser teeth whitening and other light-based methods. In these procedures also, the ingredients contained are both hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, and sodium percarbonate, sodium perbromate.

Besides there are other chemicals and preservatives contained in teeth whitening products that prevent the same from getting dried over time! Glycol based ingredients, such as propylene glycol is contained for the purpose. This is the main ingredient that tends to cause irritation when it comes in contact with your cheeks, gums or your tongue.

Another common ingredient found in teeth whitening products is fluoride. Fluoride is excellent for your dental health. However, it can cause serious problems and might as well aggravate stains and discolorations when used excessively. When used excessively, fluoride can cause many side effects, such as teeth degeneration, ligament calcification and problems with the dental joints.

It is always suggested to avoid such teeth whitening products that contain either fluoride or any other ingredient that can potentially damage your teeth. As these products are to be used at home, with no medical assistance and dentist for support, it is extremely important to use safe and effective products.

Having good amount of peroxide gel is no problem at all. In fact, the more the better! However, it should not exceed the 35% mark, which is the highest amount to be present in any teeth whitening product. Both hydrogen and carbamide peroxide are equally effective in cleaning your teeth and maintaining the overall pH balance inside your mouth.

For a better way to whitening, always seek some medical advice on the products that you have short listed and get the ingredients checked by your dentist to avoid any complications.