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Here you will find the answer to all of your questions about Sample Print. If your question is not covered here, just let us know and we will answer you personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

There isn't one! We work with the large format printer manufacturers to provide print samples for their machines. Every one of the printers we cover is a big decision in every respect. Whether it be the actual price of the printer, the quality needed, the application you have in mind or a variety of other reasons, you want to make the right choice. A print sample is an important part of the process.

What is the sample like?

All samples are produced on either canvas, photo or CAD media. The sample you will receive will be of the highest quality, so you can make the best possible decision on which printer to buy/consider. Also, the quality of the sample images and photographs is such that, we feel, you will want to put the print on display... they are that good!

Who are Sample Print?

We are a marketing company called LFP Marketing and as the name suggests we solely concentrate on the large format printer arena. We came up with the idea for this site in response to the real needs that potential buyers and printer manufacturers have in getting samples to people who are considering their machines.

Are you a sales organisation?

No, we are a marketing company who specialise in the large format printer industry. We will never sell to you and if you are a reseller, we will never try to sell to any of your customers.

When do I get my print?

All samples are sent within a few days of us getting the request. We won't keep you waiting long!

Will you hassle me to buy a printer?

No. All we will do is send you the sample that you have requested. Once you have had a chance to evaluate the sample, you will receive contact from the printer manufacturer directly, who will ask if you require any further help or assistance.

Once you have my details will you contact me again?

In the future we may contact you with relevant information on offers, new samples images, etc. We will never bombard you with information and it will never be unrelated. However, should you wish us not to contact you in the future, just include a comment on the sample request that states your preference. Any communication sent to you will always include clear and simple details on how to opt out of all future communication from us.

I am a reseller, how can I use the service?

You are more than welcome to register your customer's details and request a sample on their behalf. On the request form their is an option to include the preferred reseller's name. All request that express a preferred reseller will be passed only to the reseller named.

Can I get a link from my site to the Sample Print site?

Absolutely. We can set up a link that includes your reseller name on the welcome screen and tags each request with your details. Just contact us and we will be happy to talk to you further about setting this up.