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Sample Print Now Includes Printer Current Offers

Sample Print has been set up and designed to provide an easy to use sample service for the large format printer industry. With this in mind we have mainly kept our site ‘information based’ and not included a large amount of detail on current offers from manufacturers, etc.

However, we do receive a great number of enquiries each week on the current prices of various printers, etc. and with this in mind we have updated our product pages to include the most up-to-date offer for that particular printer. This has been done to help our visitors find out the most current information on the printer that most interests them.

Another enquiry we often receive is ‘can you directed me to an authorised reseller in my area’. We have now included a link on each printer offer shown that will take you to a contact page where you can request further information. In response we will then send you further details on the offer you expressed interest in and also provide you with the authorised resellers that are most local to you.

Neither of these changes in any way affects our ability to provide you with a fantastic print sample and are designed to provide an even more encompassing and helpful service based upon your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you best in your search for the right large format printer for you.