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Life Size 3D 1969 Mustang Produced On Large Format Printer Using Canon Paper

Ever thought of stretching the capabilities of your large format printer a bit further? We bet you have never gone this far…

Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand has constructed every single part of a 1969 Mustang coupe using nothing but paper. Here is the article in the Daily Mail about this amazing creation. Apparently he has also created three other cars in the same way!

Unfortunately, unless you are going over the USA soon you won’t be able to catch this in person. Jonathan’s exhibition entitled ‘One Piece at a Time’ is at the Hosfelt Gallery in New York City until October 29.

Because we were so amazed inkjet media could preform in this way, we couldn’t help but make contact with Jonathon to find out a bit more about this amazing project.¬†Jonathan tells us he used Canon media to achieve this incredible feat. “I tried a lot of paper and found that the Canon Fine Art BW 33ogsm paper held up the best under the conditions I place on the media” Jonathan said whilst he did try various other media, he found some of them preformed so badly he had to remake parts of the car. “I found the Canon media to be superior in strength, colour reproduction, resistance to humidity and ease of cutting and gluing.”¬† The whole car is vanished with Premiere Art Print Shield which allows him to handle the matte prints with out damaging them.

Here are some photographs courtesy of the Mail’s article that are copyright to Jonathan Brand. Amazing stuff…

P.S. the bottom image is the ‘real’ Mustang Jonathan used as his inspiration.

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