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Canon’s New Range of Large Format Printers

The new Canon large format printers provide customers with a full range of valuable benefits, from the easy to use display to an all new improved ink sets, these machines are designed with the graphics professional firmly in mind.

The imagePROGRAF 24″ iPF6300 & iPF6350 and 44″ iPF8300 are the third generation of Canon’s large format printers. Crammed full of features these new machines use Canon’s new LUCIA EX ink system, re-formulated from the previous LUCIA inks, the new 12 colour pigment inks produce, approximately, 20% increase in colour gamut over the older models. Canon also claims the new ink set improves scratch resistance and reduces bronzing and metamerism, (the process by which colour reproduction can differ under different lighting conditions).

The LUCIA EX ink set provide impressive photographic output, wonderful smooth colour gradations and black tones that create a subtle strength of colour. Shadow areas, so often lacking in inkjet printing, come to life with fine detail and intensity.

The imagePROGRAF wide format range is not just about quality. Canon have produced a printer with a built in 80GB hard-drive to make productivity fast and effective. Software is built in to provide the user with complete management of the printer. Accounting Manager is an easy to use feature which provides accurate management of printing costs, how much ink and media is being used as well as exporting data in a .csv format for Microsoft Excel to be used for invoicing or account management.

For many professional photographers shooting in 16bit, and only being able to print in 8-bit has been a constant disappointment. The creative Adobe plug ins for the design professional that ships with all the Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers, allows users to process and print RAW files. Thus bypassing the operating system’s print driver, the process allows 16-bit RGB images to be printed directly, increasing the gradation and improving the overall quality. Allowing photographers to print the image the first captured in all it’s splendour.

By redesigning the control panel the new imagePROGRAF iPF6300/6350 & iPF8300 are the most intuitive to date. The large LCD screen is bright and informative and driven by an easy to use menu system. One touch functions make the process fast and easy to use.

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