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Canon iPF820 Highly Recommended by BLI

Canon’s newly launched iPF820 has just received a “highly recommended” by industry testers, BLI Buyers Lab, Inc. Based in Europe, Asia and the Americas, this independant company is a leading authority and provider of critical intelligence on the imaging industry. Canon recently launched the new CAD iPF810 & iPF820 in September this year.

The two new products fill a gap in the Canon range, utilising the successful 5 colour dye & pigment reactive ink technology which produces the most vivid colours with the sharpest, thinest of lines, with a range of accuracy to +/- .01% and a minimim line width of .02mm for precision accuracy. These 44″ printers have hotswap ink tanks, a blistering speed, with a draft A1 in just 24 seconds, plus a built in 80Gb hard drive. The drivers are well supported with HPGL/2, HP- RTL & HDI. The iPF820 has a dual roll feed as well.

To view information on either of these printers click on iPF810 or iFP820
or to view the full test report from BLI please click here.