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Canon imagePROGRAF wins BLI’s Pick of the Year award

Canon has received, yet another award for one of the outstanding ImagePrograf range of products. BLI (Buyers Laboratory Inc) awarded the imagePROGRAF iPF820 – “BLI’s Pick for Wide Format of the Year 08”.

Introduced earlier this year, this 44-inch, dual-roll, wide-format printer was designed for the Geographical Information System (GIS) market; Computer-Aided Design (CAD); Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC); Reprographics; and other Technical Document markets. The iPF820 is capable of printing two full-density D/A1-sized (23.4 inches × 33.1 inches) color plots in less than a minute, and finishes E/A0-sized (33.1 inches × 46.8 inches) plots in just 45 seconds including cutting time, and is capable of producing 117 D/A1-sized plots per hourI. The iPF820 offers true 1200 dots-per-inch (dpi) resolution printing with 0.02 mm minimum line widthII, precise ±0.1% line accuracyIII, and a large printing area with only 3 mm (0.12”) of margins all around with roll feed paper.

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