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Find and Compare Large Format Printers

To help you find the right large format printer for you, please click on the options in box on the left hand side of this page or from the menu above.

The options are segmented by the most relevant categories for an initial search. More detailed information can be found on each product page and associated PDF brochure.

To help you in your search, please find below the main deciding factors relating to choosing a large format printer.

  • Size - 17(A2), 24(A1), 36(A0), 54 or 60 inch
  • Use - Fine Art, Production, Photography, Proofing, CAD & GIS,    General/Office Use
  • Inks used - 5, 8 or 12 colour
  • Ink type - pigment (UV/lightfast) or dye based
  • Capacity - Normal or production (high) use
  • Speed - Speed of print for different applications
  • Paper handling - Roll Feed(s), Take Up Reel, etc.
  • Connections - USB, Network, etc.
  • Software included - RIP software, Poster Software, etc.
  • Storage - If a hard drive is included and if so what size

To help everyone who uses this part of our site, we encourage you to review each and any printer you may own or use. You can do this by clicking the "Review This Product" link from each selection page.

This comparison engine is still under development and will not provide exact results for each and every criteria. However, it will help to narrow your search and provide links to more details on the printers that match your criteria most accurately.