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Quite simply, Sample Print can provide you with a free large format printer print sample to enable you to make the best, and most informed, decision on which wide or large format printer to buy or consider.

If you are looking for a new, replacement or additional large format printer Sample Print can help you today. Just choose from one of our stunning images and request which printer you would like the image to be produced on, and we will do the rest.

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Large Format Printer Samples

Wide or large format printing is the generic term used to describe inkjet printing over A2 in size and was originally derived from pen plotter and plotter technology. When CAD plotters moved to inkjet technology and the need for higher quality rendered images became more apparent, the logical next step was to try to increase adoption of this means of printing to more general graphics and printing application.

During the initial stages of this transition the photographic reproduction was grainy and the colour gamut limited, but since these formative stages, large format production has evolved greatly with the products being refined and improved to produce machines now capably of true giclée fine art images and gallery quality photographic output.

Many printing applications are now produced in wide format and the usage differs from commercial printers and in-house company use to bespoke individual users.

The applications and usage for large format output within companies vary greatly and now include general office usage to serve the needs of printing charts, graphs and Powerpoint presentations on a large format scale or the marketing department outputting graphics, messaging or imposition proofing. A particular and growing application in this area is in-house display graphics production. The direct access to a large format printer brings a flexibility that allows stand designers or companies building their own displays the freedom of choice to make quick decisions, and changes to meet the demands of their business.

From a more specific application standpoint a huge area of adoption of this technology has been photographers, with uses such as printing to sell their edition prints and producing their work on to an ever increasing media range, including art canvases.

The advancements in the large format printing technology has also seen traditional users such as architect and drawing offices producing rendered images, photographic reproduction and CAD drawings, with greater clarity and even more importantly, at far greater speeds.

Fine art imagery is now often produced on large format printers, with the colour gamut now sufficiently advanced to create the depth and subtlety of colour needed to express high quality output. This increase in colour gamut and accuracy has also seen the use of large format printing spread greatly into proofing applications.

From a commercial standpoint whilst the further adoption of large format technology has seen many end users more able to produce their own prints in-house, this has also in turn driven demand for large format output. It is now commonplace for many commercial printing companies to offer an inkjet large format printing service to their clients.

For customers looking to investigate large format printers the first place to start has to be the quality of output and that is why Sample Print provides a fantastic first step on your journey to buy the right large format printer for you.