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Sample Print is unique in showcasing images from photographers and artists who make their living from their craft. See here to find out more about the photographers and artists who contribute to Sample Print.

Case Studies - Sample Print's Contributing Photographers and Artists

We believe it's important to promote Canon's large format printers by using real images from real working photographers and artists. All of whom, not only use Canon large format printers, but also Canon cameras and lenses to produce beautiful and inspiring work.

Please find details below about all our contributing photographers and artists.

Drew Gardner

Drew Gardner - Photographer

Drew Gardner has been a photographer for more than 30 years; he started as a photo journalist and later moved to magazine photography. He prides himself on being one of the early adopters of digital technology when in 1993 he decided it made sense to change the way he worked. He is no stranger to Canon's large format products either, he has been using them since 1998 when he moved to Canon to improve the reliability issued he'd been having with other manufacturers. 'Canon combines all the things I need, an excellent range of media, fast efficient reliably products that produce simply beautiful quality, time after time.'

David Anthony Hall

David Anthony Hall - Landscape Artist

The Dublin born Hall, after many years as a still life photographer, turned his back on the commercial work in favour of his passion for taking photographs of natural landscape. These images are often of ancient trees, or landscape that tells a story of some long forgotten time. Hall employs a panoramic technique to capture a multitude of shots that go into the one final image which he later weaves together in his digital darkroom. Acutely aware of how time ebbs away from all of us; Hall is intent on capturing places where life has its own momentum. "I want my work to represent my emotional attachment to the forces on our planet and our fleeting presence on it, to be able to connect the viewer just for a moment with the beauty found outside their busy daily lives. These landscapes have seen many generations come and go and I want them to see many more."

Most of Halls work is printed on the Canon iPF9100 and finished by 'Face Mounted on to Perspex' a process where the finished print is sandwiched between a piece of Perspex and Diabond aluminium backing sheet. This process helps to protect the image from UV light while adding a unique three dimensional effect to the work.

Hall comments about the Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF9100 "What struck me initially was just how quiet the Canon was, my previous A1 device wasn't a Canon product and whilst the quality was okay it was very slow and surprisingly noisy." Before he used the Canon iPF9100 Hall would often produce five full sized pieces in order to get the exact match before he was happy; because of the versatile nature of the Canon he is now able to produce a full width long edge of his print, emulating the dark room style crops, and match it at any point. "This alone is saving me four times as much media".

Keith Cooper

Keith Cooper - Northlight Images

Keith is a professional photographer who produces fine art landscapes as well as commercial images of interiors, advertising and corporate events. His company Northlight Images is based in Leicester from where he runs his commercial business. Keith also provides training, teaches, writes and lectures on photography and modern photographic techniques. He is an independent reviewer of products relating to the photographic industry and records his unbiased, detailed review on the Northlight Images website. Having reviewed the Canon iPF6300 in July, 2010, Cooper was confident of allowing his images to be reproduced on the Canon products. He said "The iPF6300 is one of the best quality printers I've looked at to date".

Piers Bourke

Piers Bourke - Cityscape and 3D Visual Artist

Piers Bourke's life has always been about art. He trained as a painter and sculptor at the University of West England where he gained a BA, something he considered to be only the very beginning of a process. "Your degree doesn't set you up for what a career in art is all about" he recalls. But it did indulge his passion for perspective and Renaissance art. He spent a lot of time at college exploring different mediums to express his painting and experimental in three dimensional work. Photography was simply one of these expressive mediums he investigated. However around five years ago he switched fully to photographer as the captive medium and the basis on which his art would continue to be built. After spending too much money and losing creative control on outsourcing his images, he made the decision to buy. Bourke's own Canon iPF6300 printer was purchased with the help of the Sample Print website. Bourke said "After receiving a print from Sample Print and visiting the Canon Pro Photo Solutions show last year, I realised I could achieve a finish that I'd previously thought was only available through professional print rooms. I now have total creative control and don't have to compromise anymore. I can now satisfy my artistic direction every time I print".