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Canon iPF9100

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9100 is a 60 inch printer and produces superb quality with 12-colour lightfast pigment inks. The maximum print resolution is 2400 x 1200 dpi and it can print A0 draft prints in just over 2 minutes or glossy A0 prints in just over 6 minutes!

Canon iPF9100

Canon imgaePROGRAF iPF9100The Canon iPF9100 is the widest of Canon's range of large format printers. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9100 is a 60 inch printer designed to produce exceptional colours and quality results every time. Utilising Canon's 12 colour lightfast pigment inks and producing a small 4 picolitre droplet the quality, even at 60 inches wide, is photographic and vibrant.

Canon iPF9100 features:

  • 60 inches wide
  • 12 colour LUCIA EX pigment inks
  • Impressive colour gamut
  • 4 Picolitre droplet
  • Superfast dual 1" print head (A0 in just over 2 minutes)
  • Less bronzing highly scratch resistant prints
  • 100 years light fast
  • Includes Canon's adobe plug in for 16bit image to 12bit output
  • High Capacity Ink tanks (700ml)
  • 80 HDD as standard

Click here for a PDF brochure of the Canon ImagePrograf iPF9100

This technologically advanced printer is designed for creative's who need more! Capable of producing images from the very smallest to the very largest this versatile machine can do it all. Impressive 12 colour LUCIA Inks combine outstanding colour, a broad colour gamut and expressive tone.

This product not only offers the ultimate in print but ships complete with Canon's advanced range of printer drivers including KYANOS, Canon's next generation colour management tools. And just in case you don't need advanced options every time, Canon have also pre-configured "easy mode" for fast and simplistic operating.

Black and white brilliance and vivid colours

Colour is important to Canon, the LUCIA inks create beautiful consistent results. The iPF9100 produces a full balanced spectrum of colour utilising both RGB and CMYK inks. Creating these perfect results is a dual print head with 30720 nozzles able to place with minute precision a 4 picolitre droplet.

Getting the shadow perfect is a balance of skill. Photographers look for image results the offer a smooth graduation of black. Not solid block colour where shadow should be. Canon's combination of black inks creates a super smooth graduation without any graininess. To achieve this balance Canon offer four inks to blend seamlessly to create the perfect balance, Black, Matt Black, Grey and Photo Grey.

Why is Canon so good at saving you money!

12 colour printing might sound more expensive, but in fact it cost you less to run your machine than it would if you had less inks. The two different grey inks means the printer doesn't need to blend ink in the same way, a conventional printer might, to create other colours. This ultimately means less ink is used. Not only are your results better they are more cost effective as well.

A sub tank system act as a buffer for the ink leaving the cartridge, it passes from the cartridge to the sub tank then before being used by the print head. This means ink cartridges can be replaced without interrupting printing and every last millilitre of ink can be used. All the Canon printers feature 'economy mode' which minimising running costs further still.

Designed to fit your business lifestyle

Whether your business is large or small, the iPF9100 can fit right in. An easy to operate large LCD displays makes operation a doddle. Canon has created, Kyanos, an incredible intuitive printer driver with some extremely advanced functionality, yet an 'easy mode' also makes it easy to operate with pre-configured settings.

The iPF9100 isn't exactly small! At 60" wide the iPF9100 is most definitely wide format! However if space is your issue then you'll be pleased to know the Kyanos driver provides you with Wi-Fi allow you to print from your office to some other more accommodating area in you building.

Media Handling

An auto skew correction system automatically adjusts any misalignments, saving on paper wastage and errors. A wide range of media options are also available, for all the Canon printers to help satisfy your own customer's requirements.