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Canon iPF655

The 24" Canon imagePROGRAF iPF655 is an exceptional large format printing solution with a small footprint, suited for the education and general-use markets, with the versatility to meet the demands of architects and engineers. With incredibly high resolutions, and an 80GB hard drive, the iPF655 is an ideal solution for any environment with a need for printing full-color signs, posters, drawings, and other large-format graphics quickly, effortlessly, and with remarkable detail.

Canon iPF655

Canon imgaePROGRAF iPF655The Canon iPF655 produces an A2 print in just 24 seconds,(draft mode) and is designed for speed with the quality you would expect from Canon. Powered by the Canon's L-COA processor and combined with gigabit Ethernet compatibility ensures consistent high speed printing every time.

The Canon imgaePROGRAF iPF655 provides an impressive accounting functionality, a sub-ink tank system, fast Gigabit Ethernet support and an on-board 80GB hard drive.

The iPF 655 also has...

  • 24 inch space saving design
  • 80 GB HDD
  • 5 colour reactive dye and pigment ink
  • CAD/GIS and General Use
  • Hot Swap ink tanks
  • ROI tracking with accounting software
  • 4 Picolitre
  • Minimum line width .02mm
  • 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Fast - A1 in 30 sec

Click here for a PDF brochure of the Canon ImagePrograf iPF655

Further features include...

Fast when it's needed!

An A2 in just 24 seconds,(draft mode) the iPF655 is designed for speed. Powered by the Canon's L-COA processor and combined with gigabit Ethernet compatibility ensures consistent high speed printing every time.

80GB hard drive

This 80GB hard drive enables job data to be stored in protected mailboxes for easy access via web browser or at the printer for job re-printing. The embedded hard disk is ideal for medium to large workgroups to share a printer efficiently with multiple users, offering ample job storage space.

Precision printing

The PF-04 print head has a new nozzle shape making it more effective when producing quality print faster. The new design has reduced satellite ink and minimized mist, but also improved fine line detail for small text and precision detail. The high density print head has 15,360 nozzles and lays down a tiny 4 picolitre size ink droplet which produces incredible fine detail and impressive print quality. Print quality is produced at 2400 x 1200, lines are accurate to 0.10% and with a thin line as small as 0.02mm.

Compact and practical and environmentally aware

Created with a space saving efficiency this printer has been and designed to fit into any environment. Perfect for the space conscious, this printer is fully front loading and with flush wall installation makes it perfect for any location. Media loading is made quick and simple by the guide rails and an automatic roll feed. Hot swap ink tanks also allows ink to be replace during operation for maximum efficiency. The iPF655 has been made using less plastic, thus reducing CO2 emissions, has earned an ENERGY STAR qualification and draws only 140 watts of power during use.

Better ink efficiency for those longer print runs

The sub tanks in the iPF655 allow ink to be replaced as you need it and without interrupting your print job. A high-capacity media basket and durable self-propelled dual rotary cutter is a standard feature on this printer, further supporting long run printing.

Manage your print jobs

An intuitive print management tool allows you to track jobs by user, calculate ink and media costs, as well as keep track of the number pages printed too. The management accounting includes: Auto Rotation; Auto Nesting; Log Recording Time; Job Name; Client Job ID; Client Job Submission Time; Job Execution Time; Job Completion Time; Job Completion State; Ink consumption per job* ; Media Type; Number of completed pages; Media consumption area per job; Extended Media type.

Reactive ink system

Canon's reactive ink 5 colour dye/ pigment technology actually utilises four highly colourfast dye inks plus two channels of matte black ink for printing sharp lines, smooth curves, and precise small text. The new magenta ink formulation delivers more vivid and richer reds, this ink system is ideal for both GIS drawings and posters. Canon inks provide better adhesion to media, scratch and mark resistance, and ensure minimal "bleeding" between colours and text. Small text printed on colour backgrounds or on uncoated technical papers is now even crisp and legible.

Compatibility with drivers

The iPF655 can handle the most demanding of workflows, with built in HP -GL/2 and HP RTL drivers to enable the most workable solutions. HDI drivers are also available for AutoCAD. Microsoft Office users are well catered for with plug-in to print in Word, Excel and powerpoint.

Features Poster Artist Software

Professional designing made easy with Canon's Poster Artist Lite, high resolution images, clip art and templates gives you all the design power you need for posters, signs and banners. It's easy with just four simple steps. A quick copy feature provides an easy to use solution for a CanoScan desktop scanner to be used as a copier. A Digital photo front access makes importing and editing digital photos simple and quick too.

Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office

Making it easy to print large-format documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The Plug-in has an easy-to-follow "Wizard" and appears in a toolbar inside the Microsoft application bypassing the existing printer driver. With just a few quick steps you can convert any 8.5" x 11" office document into an impressive poster.

*Ink usage is estimate, and error tolerance is 15%