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Canon iPF6350

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6350 is a 42 inch printer that offers the optimum balance of ultra-high-quality printing and performance. The iPF6350 is also equipped with a large 80GB hard drive to increase productivity.

TIPA Awards 2010

Canon iPF6350

Canon imgaePROGRAF iPF6350The Canon iPF6350 large format printer is a 24 inch model just like its sister product the iPF6300, this printer provides the same fast and effortless printing, but with the addition of an 80GB hard drive.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6350 shares the same Canon LUCIA EX pigment ink system which creates impressive reliably colour every time. Designed for Photographers, and Proofing and Production professionals in mind, the iPF6300 offers exceptional print quality and reliability. The new LUCIA EX inks provide 20% greater colour gamut and a better scratch resistance with less bronzing. Often with large format prints creating detail in black or dark areas is difficult. Not so with the iPF6350, the black reproduction and graduation expression in dark areas is exceptional. Colour homogeneity, the compatibility of ink and media, has been enhanced as too have the text and line accuracy.

The Canon iPF6350 features:

  • 24 inch wide
  • 80GB hard drive
  • New LUCIA EX 12-colour pigment ink system
  • Designed for printing, proofing, design, advertising and retail applications
  • Added versatility with RIPS, media and workflows
  • Simple to learn and operate

Click here for a PDF brochure of the Canon ImagePrograf ipf6350.

The addition of an 80GB HDD provides that extra flexibility for print jobs. Print jobs can be easily recovered, reordered or simply makes handling large amounts of data a breeze.

Precision printing

Two new high precision modes for output have been added to the print driver. Photographic modes give enhanced glossiness and smoother graininess and sharper contrast in black tones and much deeper dark tones with more detail. Text mode reduces thickness in text and creates a fine line quality as well as improving the colour representation with small fine line detail.

Print plug-in

Shooting in 16 bit files, but only printing in 8? With the Canon Photoshop Plug-In this can be a thing of the past. The Canon Photoshop plug-in can automatically convert a 16 bit image in Photoshop to a 12 bit interpolated image for the printer, capturing the optimum quality available. This also provides a much higher colour spectrum and better colour graduation to the finished print. The eye is unable to distinguish the difference between 12 bit and 16 bit, yet between an output of 8 bit and 12 bit the difference, even to the untrained eye, is noticeable. The plug in also reduces the chanced of any incorrect settings by using an integrated interface for print settings in Photoshop. The Adobe Colour Conversion Module (CMM) now makes it possible to emulate colours normally associated to printing presses.

Hard Drive

The iPF6300 has a built in 80GB hard drive, so even the most complex of jobs are handled with efficient reliability.

Print plug-in for digital photo professionals

Enabling you to print and process RAW imaged directly, the DPP export module bypasses the systems own print driver, giving users the chance to process 16-bit RGB images easily. Image quality is improved greatly and gradations increases dramatically.

Amazing speed

The 12 colour LUCIA EX Pigment ink set doesn't compromise the speeds you can expect either. Using Canon's FINE Technology and L-COA system architecture, all you images can be delivered at breath taking quality and speed!

Why is Canon so good at saving you money!

12 colour printing might sound more expensive, but in fact it cost you less to run your machine than it would if you had less inks. The two different grey inks means the printer doesn't need to blend ink in the same way, a conventional printer might, to create other colours. This ultimately means less ink is used. Not only are your results better they are more cost effective as well. A sub tank system act as a buffer for the ink leaving the cartridge, it passes from the cartridge to the sub tank then before being used by the print head. This means ink cartridges can be replaced without interrupting printing and every last millilitre of ink can be used. All the Canon printers feature 'economy mode' which minimising running costs further still.

The new Canon LUCIA EX inks

Canon have reformulated their already exceptional LUCIA inks to create the new LUCIA EX inks which offer a 20% improved colour gamut. A more expressive and sharper blacks are achieved and overall smoother colour gradations. Shadows are more defined too, the new EX ink set give incredible fine detail, whilst improving scratch resistance, reducing bronzing and metamerism. The dual print head features 30720 nozzles, and produces super fine accuracy with a minute 4 picolitre droplet. The blend of CMYK and RGB creates the perfect balance of colour to create a full spectrum of exacting results.

New and improved control panel

A large bright easy to read and navigate LCD screen, has improved usability. Four graphic tabs for paper settings, ink levels job information and adjustment has been improved. The tabs can also be viewed 'at a glance' with a clever touch of a button to give a more detailed view.

Black and white brilliance

Photographers love the exceptional detail the Canon iPF6300 can produce using a mix of black, matt black, grey and photo grey inks. Shadows are detailed, the balance of contrast is sharp and gradation is smooth and controlled.