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Quite simply, Sample Print can provide you with a Free large format printer print sample to enable you to make the best, and most informed, decision on which large format printer to buy.

About Sample Print

Sample Print has been created to offer you the chance to make the best, and most informed, decision on which printer to buy. The FREE sample print provided is produced on the print engine of your choice and is the image or picture you like best from our selection of images.

Initially, Sample Print will concentrate on the exceptional Canon large format printer range. The quality, knowledge and experience of Canon is renowned within the printing arena. Sample Print are delighted to offer you the chance to experience, first hand, the amazing results the Canon range of large format printers can produce. From CAD to production to fine art, whatever your requirement, Sample Print can offer you a print sample that can help you to make the best choice for your needs, as well as providing a fantastic image you can hang on your wall!

Sample Print will showcase an array of images and pictures for you to make your selection. The objective is to always showcase the printers capabilities at its best and also provide you with a print that you will like and use.

All photographic and art images and pieces on the site are provided by Drew Gardner, David Anthony Hall, Keith Cooper and Piers Bourke. We thank all four of them for supporting this site with their stunning work.

Please visit our website regularly to see all the new large format printers, images, pictures, media, consumables, RIP software, promotions, offers and competitions we have. We may also incorporate a service that allows you to have a sample produced of your own images. Stay tuned...

Are you looking to buy your first large format printer? Are you adding to your array of printers? Need to replace your existing machine? What are you waiting for? Order a FREE sample print today!